To exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle
To gain access to world-class software engineering skills
To seek resources not available in-house
To finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations
To free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects
To gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project

Website designing is the process of creating web pages and sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .Net and various other software languages. It is a process of conceptualization, modeling and execution of electronic media content delivered through internet. It basically involves creating attractive web pages with logistic content for the use of the website users. There are many designing software which can be used to enhance your website and make it more interactive. Flash plays a key role in creating an interesting website with dynamic content.

Unlike Bitmaps, vector graphics were composed of lines and arcs. Thus, flash is less complicated. Flash being versatile software can be put into diverse uses. Moreover, it does not take much time to be downloaded and can be modified easily. Interestingly, audio effects can also be given to flash creations. Without increasing the download time Flash help create animations which make a website more dynamic and interactive.

Java is a language which derives much of its syntax from C and C++. It is both dynamic and extensible. Java uses 16- bit Unicode characters and is the only commonly used programming language that has overall internationalization features. Offshore software development companies like working on Java as it works well on various types of embedded devices, ATMs, Smart cards etc. It also helps HTML developers add animation, interactions and web customization to their works. Java can also be described as write once run anywhere language.

Web hosting refers to storage of web pages so that online users are able to access them properly. A company for its website needs the right kind of software and hardware to host its web pages successfully. But it is very difficult for the companies to equip themselves with the right kind of web hosting software. Thus, it's these specialized companies which provide web hosting services. This way one can remove worries related to web hosting and concentrate on other jobs. Moreover, the companies providing web hosting also caters to various other specialized services like email capabilities, database capabilities and dynamic content. Thus, outsourcing web hosting is an added advantage for your website.

India has grown out to be the largest outsourcing center for web designing and web development. NASSCOM has predicted that India would achieve nearly $60 billion from outsourcing industry at the end of 2010. The U.S. market is primarily served by 250,000 software developers of India. Indian software exports exceeded 17 billion last year and there are more prospects of growth. Indian companies have been committed to high quality to their clients and are supported by government's initiative.

ASP.NET is used by programmers to build dynamic web sites and web applications. Outsourcing ASP.NET to India, not only saves time but also money of various enterprises. Since India has huge number of qualified professionals, it is ensured that the outsourcing company will get qualitative and timely services. .ASP is one of the fastest growing domains in IT. Many of students graduate in India having full hand knowledge about ASP.Net. In fact the experienced professionals in India also keep themselves updated with the new international trends in this sphere. Not only Indian professionals but Indian Government have understood the benefits of IT and have undertaken a lot of investments for the growth of this particular sector. With the enhanced communication skills of Indians, India is definitely the right target for outsourcing ASP.NET.